The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters


Page Number: 316

Genre: Pre-Apocalyptic. Mystery

Publisher: Quirk Books, 2012

ISBN:  9781594745768

My Rating: ★★★★


A pre-apocalyptic novel in which we follow the protagonist Detective Hank Palace on his mission to solve a murder before an asteroid hits the Earth.

Detective Hank Palace is a likable protagonist, very determined and shows a lot of persistence when it comes to the case at hand. We meet a lot of great characters but I feel some of them could of been built up a little more, maybe this will come in the second book of the series. I really enjoyed how the plot unfolded and the different elements and clues that lead Hank Palace to his conclusions were great.

This was an interesting read, I found the pacing to be brilliant, Winters manages to draw the reader through without leaving gaping plot holes or slow sections. I feel like I need to read the second in the series to give a good judgement on whether I enjoyed the novel. I have liked what I’ve read so far but definitely need to read the next book to gauge how I feel. This is not a stand alone novel and so the ending feels a little abrupt and I really wanted it to carry on – alas I shall have to wait for the next one to arrive!

All in all I would have given it a five out of five but there was just something missing for me, maybe I’ll feel different after reading the next novel – we’ll have to wait and see!



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