Ink by Amanda Sun

Page Number: 326

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy/Paranor13423346mal

Publisher: Harlequin Teen, 2013

ISBN:  9780373210718

My Rating: ★★★★

I jumped at the chance to read and review this book for Harlequin Teen, after reading the synopsis it definitely seemed like something I would love to get my teeth into!

This is the first novel in the ‘Paper Gods’ series from Amanda Sun.

We follow the story of Katie Greene, who is shipped off to Japan to live with her Aunt after the tragic death of her Mother. Whilst waiting for confirmation of living arrangements from her Grandparents who live in Canada, Katie resigns into the fact that she may be stuck in Japan longer than she had hoped. With that in mind Katie attempts to make friends and fit in a best she can in her new and unknown surroundings. Along with meeting new people, Katie has to learn how to communicate and adapt to the cultural differences in her temporary home.

The first few chapters do a fantastic job at introducing Katie and the predicament that she has found herself in. Sun has successfully covered many issues that young adults face today including dealing with family tension and the onslaught of feelings that occur for Katie when she meets the gorgeous yet aloof Tomohiro.

After witnessing the break-up of Tomohiro and his then girlfriend, Katie becomes rather obsessive over this mysteriously sexy young man. It’s only when she notices strange things start happening when he’s around that she becomes slightly wary of her new and exciting relationship. Tomo seems to have power of the ink that he uses to draw, Katie can see the images moving and the ink coming off the page. Should she be worried? Are these moving images a danger to her and Tomo?

As things become more exciting and adventurous Tomo and Katie are forced to realise that Tomo’s ability to control ink isn’t just a secret between the two of them, in fact a group of highly dangerous criminals are out to capture Tomo to use his powers to seize power over all of Japan. From here on out Katie and Tomo’s lives are connected, the ink seems to react differently when Katie is around so she is determined to stay in Japan for as long as she can. Will they make it out alive and will Katie have to leave Japan to return to her Grandparents in Canada? I won’t spoil the surprise for you but I do definitely recommend for anyone interested in adventure, Japanese Culture and a truly wonderful love story.

A fantastically paced novel with moments that almost moved me to tears. Four out of five stars from me and I can’t wait for the next in the ‘Paper Gods’ series.


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