Paper Towns by John Green

Paper Towns
Paper Towns by John Green
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My overall thoughts:

1. This was an interesting read. I have concluded that I enjoyed the novel although I don’t think it’s as good as The Fault in our Stars. Then again I shouldn’t really compare the two as they are vastly different stories! In this novel we follow a young man named Quentin. He lives next door to a girl named Margo and one night Margo turns up at his window and invites him out to reek havoc around the city. Margo is taking revenge on various people who have wronged her and has enlisted Quentin to help. This is all great until the next day when Quentin learns that Margo has mysteriously disappeared. Quentin believes that Margo has left clues for him to find her, but what concerns Q is whether she’ll be alive when he does.

2. This novel was pretty darn fun, I did find myself laughing out loud on the odd occasion and that is something that rarely happens when I read! I also felt that there were a few odd occasions when I had to put the novel to one side to seriously mull over the topics that John Green was talking about. I love it when this happens!

3. One thing that I didn’t particularly enjoy was the way in which Quentin became VERY obsessed VERY quickly with Margo although he hadn’t really spoken to her in years. This seemed a little odd to me but maybe that’s just me! Quentin is very single-track minded and becomes quite mean when his friends say they don’t want to help him on different occasions throughout the novel. I understand that he was eager to find Margo but to me it just seemed a tad overdone.

4. The build up to the end and eventual uncovering of Margo’s whereabouts was exciting and well-paced. There were some funny moments leading up to the end.

5. I did enjoy this read but can’t say I absolutely loved it. 4 out of 5 starts and I would recommend to anyone who likes a good mystery/coming of age/adventure novel!

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