The Swordhand Omnibus by Marcus Sedgwick

The Swordhand Omnibus
The Swordhand Omnibus by Marcus Sedgwick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My overall thoughts:

1. I read the first book in this Omnibus (My Swordhand is Singing) a very long time ago and hadn’t realized there was a second until now. In the first book we follow the story of young Peter and his Father Tomas. They are woodcutters living on the edge of a community that has become plagued by monstrous beings that prowl through the night taking the lives of the innocent villagers. Although the word ‘vampire’ isn’t specifically used in My Swordhand is Singing there are a lot of references to drained bodies etc so it is assumed that the monsters are indeed vampires. In the second book (The Kiss of Death) we follow a young man named Marco who is on a mission to Venice to find his lost Father. Peter, from the first novel, reappears in this sequel but has aged greatly and helps Marco on the hunt for his Father.

2. The relationships built between Tomas and Peter in My Swordhand is Singing is beautifully done, Sedgewick has a very poetic writing style and I felt really connected to Peter as he struggled with the tenuous relationship he holds with his Father. There are brief and innocent romantic relationships built throughout both novels but I found that they didn’t distract from the main plot. The friendship built between Marco and a young Venetian girl named Sorrel grows at a realistic and pleasant pace throughout The Kiss of Death, which is something I really enjoyed.

3. Sedgwick’s style of writing really pulls you into the story and I felt myself falling deeper into this mesmerizing world of beasts and nighttime atrocities. The pace of the book was fantastic and not once did I feel the story was drifting off track or that I was getting bored.

4. This would be the perfect book for anyone looking for a unique vampire read. These vampires aren’t like the pretty, sparkly type from Twilight but more like the stuff from nightmares. An adventure laden and action packed novel that I enjoyed every bit of!

5. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a vampire read or even just an adventure! A wonderful book!

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