Hansel and Gretel by Neil Gaiman

Hansel and Gretel
Hansel and Gretel by Neil Gaiman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really hoped to love this book but I just wasn’t blown away!

– This is Neil Gaiman’s retelling of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. The story consists of a family who are poverty stricken and in need of food; one day the Mother suggests to the Father that he leaves Hansel and Gretel (their children) deep in the woods so they are unable to find home again – hoping that they would not return and they would then have more food to stretch between them. The tale then jumps into witches and gingerbread houses…I’m assuming you all know the story (it’s pretty famous :P)

– I think I was just expecting more from the retelling – obviously the main plot line of the story was going to be similar but I just didn’t get the feeling I get when reading Gaiman’s other novels. I think I would gave enjoyed it more if the story had just been darker or had something else to give it that extra spark – I did enjoy it but it wasn’t amazing.

– The book only took about ten minutes to read as the writing is very large and every other page is a large illustration to go along with the story. The illustrations where wonderful – really dark and eerie, they did a brilliant job of portraying the story.

– I didn’t love this book but I also didn’t hate it, it was very average! I would recommend to lovers of Gaimen but would suggest borrowing from a library or seeing it in person first as I felt the price tag was rather high for what it is!

– 3 out of 5 stars – hopefully my next Gaiman book will be much more enjoyable!


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