More Than This by Patrick Ness

More Than This
More Than This by Patrick Ness

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I thought the first half of this book was awesome but the second half went a little down hill!

A young boy drowns and wakes up in his childhood home in England. Is this the end? Is he in hell? He struggles to come to terms with the fact that the world doesn’t seem to be finished with him yet can’t quite work out what he is meant to do next.

I can’t really go into the main plot of this novel as it would totally spoil it for you but for those of you who have read it you will know there are some big twists and turns. This novel keeps you guessing and was pretty action packed – which wasn’t what I expected after reading the first part of the book. The second half takes this big plunge into a really high-action plotline which I wasn’t a huge fan of.

One thing I did enjoy was the LGBT element of the story – again I won’t go into is as it would spoil the novel – but I thought this was done really well and I loved the perspective from the characters involved. If you love action with a slight science-fictional twist I think you will enjoy this novel!



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