Review Policy

At the present time I am more than happy to accept books for potential review. Please read the whole of this page before contacting me.

– Time and space restraints mean I cannot accept every book that I am contacted about – so please only send through books that I have requested or accepted for review.

– Once I have received the book I will endeavour to read it and produce a review by the date it is due to be published. I have moved away from written reviews on this blog and now share all of my thoughts on my YouTube channel. I will give an honest review but do also withhold the right to not post a review at all (for instance if I cannot finish the book).

– In regards to my YouTube Channel: I do not tend to make whole videos dedicated to one book in particular, unless this is something discussed prior to my acceptance of the book. I will however show the book in a ‘haul’ video and give a summary of my thoughts in my monthly ‘wrap-up’ video.

– If you have sent me a book I will keep in contact with you regarding the status of the review and shall send through links to all mentions of the book on my social media sites etc.

If you have a book that you think I will enjoy please feel free to email me and I shall take the book into consideration. I can accept both physical and e-books but I do prefer physical copies.

Please include a description of the book and the reason as to why you think I would enjoy it.

Happy reading!



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